[Takki] Dreamy

January 29, 2009 | takki, wallpaper |

Because it’s not necessary for all of my wallpapers to take 30 hours to make~ It would have been even faster had the pamphlet wasn’t in A3 size! LOL

I actually like his photos with darker background more, but figured, for now, I need something light and simple for my office laptop to brighten up my super long day at work.

1024 x 768

1024×768 only because lighter weight is far more important than a larger screen! :P

Dream away~


[Tsubasa] Naked Back

October 17, 2008 | tsubasa, wallpaper |


It’s amazing to see how you’ve changed and grown up dramatically during these few years since I’ve become your fan. I wish you all the happiness on earth along with all success in everything you work for. Because you deserve it all.

Follow your dreams, and we will always support you.

Thank you, Tsubasa, thank you for being you~

(And Thank you, Takki, for being there to celebrate this special day! Your appearance made us all happy, not just the birthday boy! xD)

1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024

No excuse, I seriously ran out of time, so I didn’t get to clean his back properly x__x (besides licking it, of course…) But the nakedness itself should make up for all these scanning flaws~

Oh well, you know me, as always, I could not leave Takki out! LOL (and when it Takki’s turn, I can never leave Tsu out as well! XD)



2 weeks ago, wribbit came up with an idea of scanlating this super cute interview. I simply said YES! LOL So, here we go, proudly presented our first attempt at T&T scanlation~

[T&T scanlations] Poporo 2008.10 (regular version)
download: MF // MU

And I bet some of you are looking forward to this higeless version too! LOL show


Enjoy this lovely interview! ♥

Feel free to direct people to this post. But do not re-post this scanlation elsewhere without our permission.

wribbit – scanned / translated / QC’ed
naughtiest – cleaned / edited / shaved Tsu’s face

I really have to say that this is where being a BL fangirl finally paid off. LOL I was previously in a scanlation group, *coughs*havinganicetimecleaningsmexscenes*coughs* which helped a ton this time! XD

We started off with special page, and I was whining how they place texts on those color backgrounds with diagonal patterns. BWAHAHA!! Silly me, I almost stabbed myself when I reached the first spread with all those fonts on top of fonts on top of their clothes. And *WHACKS* poporo for being so big and didn’t fit wribbit’s scanners!

Third spread was the one that I spent the most time on. I love how Poporo editor(s) used different layers of texts as background to make the texts stand out. It looks nice BUT it’s also a pain in the butt trying to remove those texts!

40+ hours of joining pages, cleaning, and editing was insanely insane, my back hurts, and I feel like I’m having a 2nd full-time job! LOL However, it’s so nice being able to read their interview like this. ^^

Comments are appreciated, otherwise, let’s fangirl! ♥


First batch. I bet I’ll want to make more once I see the entire drama and PV. ^^

A couple of twin icons, kinda hard to make the ones from drama really matched since they’re from different scenes. But it was fun, nonetheless :)

And being me, I couldn’t help but make some crack icons too LOL

Taking a screencap of Takki was very tricky. Tono is always in a gloomy lighting. Any outdoor shot is either at night or in the rain! And for the life of me, I could not come up with a way to capture a clear picture of running!Tsu. Wing-san, you’re flying too fast! Anyone has a success mind telling me the trick? xD

resources credit: colorfilter and dearest

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Creativity level is at record low during this time of the month T___T

Couldn’t really whip something else out on time so I resorted back to the magnet board. Well, good thing is now I have a pair! Maybe I can work on T&T magnet board next? LOL

BTW, my scanner is dying on me, I think it’s got overheated from having T&T on its bed again~ xD

Pretty simple idea, copying my own magnet board. And of course, I couldn’t leave Tsubasa out! ^^

Personally, I don’t think the big one works very well if you have lots of icons on your desktop. My recommendation is to use the small one and set background color to black.

1024 x 768 :: 1280 x 1024

Also, I’m trying something new this time. In case anyone wants to see my photoshop messy WIP xD I actually think this version is much cleaner, with lots more space for desktop icons.

Just something different :)

1024 x 768 :: 1280 x 1024


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