Creativity level is at record low during this time of the month T___T

Couldn’t really whip something else out on time so I resorted back to the magnet board. Well, good thing is now I have a pair! Maybe I can work on T&T magnet board next? LOL

BTW, my scanner is dying on me, I think it’s got overheated from having T&T on its bed again~ xD

Pretty simple idea, copying my own magnet board. And of course, I couldn’t leave Tsubasa out! ^^

Personally, I don’t think the big one works very well if you have lots of icons on your desktop. My recommendation is to use the small one and set background color to black.

1024 x 768 :: 1280 x 1024

Also, I’m trying something new this time. In case anyone wants to see my photoshop messy WIP xD I actually think this version is much cleaner, with lots more space for desktop icons.

Just something different :)

1024 x 768 :: 1280 x 1024


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2 Responses to [Takki] 26th Birthday Magnet Board

  1. mich says:

    yay! i’m taking both! hehe~~ using the first one now but also saved the photoshop one hehe.. nice idea! i like how u had the date at the top right corner and how you group your layers! my photoshop workspace is always just layers after layers after layers, i seldom put them into folders xD

  2. naughtiest says:

    ahhh you noticed the date! I actually waited til 3:29am to screencap that! LOL As for layers, I usually don’t put them it folders either, but this time when I hit 100+ layers, and had to start moving them around, I got x-eyes xDD

    Thanks Mich! I’m glad you like them! :)

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