2 weeks ago, wribbit came up with an idea of scanlating this super cute interview. I simply said YES! LOL So, here we go, proudly presented our first attempt at T&T scanlation~

[T&T scanlations] Poporo 2008.10 (regular version)
download: MF // MU

And I bet some of you are looking forward to this higeless version too! LOL show


Enjoy this lovely interview! ♥

Feel free to direct people to this post. But do not re-post this scanlation elsewhere without our permission.

wribbit – scanned / translated / QC’ed
naughtiest – cleaned / edited / shaved Tsu’s face

I really have to say that this is where being a BL fangirl finally paid off. LOL I was previously in a scanlation group, *coughs*havinganicetimecleaningsmexscenes*coughs* which helped a ton this time! XD

We started off with special page, and I was whining how they place texts on those color backgrounds with diagonal patterns. BWAHAHA!! Silly me, I almost stabbed myself when I reached the first spread with all those fonts on top of fonts on top of their clothes. And *WHACKS* poporo for being so big and didn’t fit wribbit’s scanners!

Third spread was the one that I spent the most time on. I love how Poporo editor(s) used different layers of texts as background to make the texts stand out. It looks nice BUT it’s also a pain in the butt trying to remove those texts!

40+ hours of joining pages, cleaning, and editing was insanely insane, my back hurts, and I feel like I’m having a 2nd full-time job! LOL However, it’s so nice being able to read their interview like this. ^^

Comments are appreciated, otherwise, let’s fangirl! ♥


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