[Tsubasa] Naked Back

October 17, 2008 | tsubasa, wallpaper |


It’s amazing to see how you’ve changed and grown up dramatically during these few years since I’ve become your fan. I wish you all the happiness on earth along with all success in everything you work for. Because you deserve it all.

Follow your dreams, and we will always support you.

Thank you, Tsubasa, thank you for being you~

(And Thank you, Takki, for being there to celebrate this special day! Your appearance made us all happy, not just the birthday boy! xD)

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No excuse, I seriously ran out of time, so I didn’t get to clean his back properly x__x (besides licking it, of course…) But the nakedness itself should make up for all these scanning flaws~

Oh well, you know me, as always, I could not leave Takki out! LOL (and when it Takki’s turn, I can never leave Tsu out as well! XD)



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